As of March 31, 2019, the Coalition for Better Atlantic Salmon Management in New Brunswick was formally disbanded. This website however, will remain functional for 2019 to serve as an information source and an opportunity for commentary.*

The two cartoon panels shown above, illustrate the current situation with respect to DFO. The first depicts their conscious decision to bypass "the road to better management", while the second depicts the folly of their continuing to blindly follow the "status quo highway".

These cartoons also sum up what brought about the CBSM Steering Committee decision to disband. As laid out in our formation document, the CBSM was not intended to be a long-term entity. We came together to give DFO a push and we have done that. The fact that DFO has consciously chosen to dismiss the call for improvements in management and are intent on maintaining the status quo, has resulted in a loss of confidence within the angling community. By taking this unprecedented step of standing down the CBSM is sending a strong and clear message to DFO — the public deserves better, confidence in your department's ability to manage our Atlantic salmon stocks has been lost and "things must change".

Support for management initiatives and regulations has to be earned. The lack of clear objectives and set timelines cannot be glossed over with the tired line of "we're working on it". The CBSM will not become just another cog in DFO's wheel of consultative spin under the pretext of engaging with stakeholders.

Bottom line is that the current state of our Atlantic Salmon stocks in New Brunswick requires decisive action. The time for rhetoric and issue avoidance is over. DFO has to do their job or they become irrelevant. The CBSM has stepped away in order to drive this message home. We do not condone DFO's continuing mismanagement in any way, shape, or form, and will not provide them with any semblance of support that they may publicly infer through our continued existence.

If you are a new visitor to this website and would like some further insight as to the rationale for disbanding the organization please see our two most recent newsletters (#s 11 & 12) under the member news tab.

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