The intransigence of DFO

"Standing in the rain" – a commentary excerpt from Coalition news #3.

May 6th – Four members of the CBSM Steering Committee attended a media event at Cassislis N.B. on the shores of the Northwest Miramichi estuary in support of the organizers. These were principally Striped Bass anglers who were asking DFO a reasonable question – Why are you closing a major portion of the Northwest Miramichi estuary to all angling when you have no reason to? About 150 people were in attendance on a totally miserable morning and they got the usual from DFO – no reasonable answers and not a DFO representative in sight.

It brought to mind one of the biggest issues people have with DFO. The Department, as an entity, is probably the most intransigent (not willing to compromise / obstinately maintaining an attitude) organization ever encountered. They have this sense that they can operate with impunity (with no heed or care for consequences), that they do not need to explain anything to anybody, and they expect acquiescence (to comply without protest / silent acceptance) from people.

Standing there in the rain these people were sending the message "we will not acquiesce, we will not go away and be quiet, we want reasonable answers to reasonable questions, we want accountability!"

Intransigence is definitely an issue with DFO. The department is totally lacking in public outreach; limiting itself to only periodic consultations with no public information feed back mechanism.